feeling good

Today has been a good one so far. I even got to enjoy a Red Robin burger with my mom. It was nice to get out of the house.

Or here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0UOt6zmVB0
top 10 reasons why I’m enjoying the journey
1. My love language is encouraging words and I get approximately five cards each day.
2. Eating a high calorie diet
3. Netflix
4. Not missing a NCAA men’s basketball tourney game on television
5. Having a great excuse to not participate in jury duty
6. Quality time with those who come to visit
7. Walks in the sunshine (I’m glad it’s finally spring!)
8. Time to catch up on reading
9. Talking on the phone with friends
10. Learning to rest in God’s care and grace

4 thoughts on “feeling good

  1. Love your List!! And your video. Looking forward to spending some time with you on Tuesday. Praising the Lord for your good report – the Park Memorial UMC choir lifted you up in prayer last night after practice. If anyone is a walking Romans 8:28, I believe it's you. Love and blessings. Shell

  2. You look gorgeous (love your hair!). I hope your weekend is FULL of sunshine. You deserve sunny days. And cereal. And all sorts of wonderful things:) Love ya!

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