feeling good

It’s been one week since my blood work and my energy level continues to increase. Go God! I had a wonderful Easter with my family and appreciated worshiping in my home church, while sitting beside Kaleb for our Easter service.

The reason I haven’t been blogging is because (you know me) I’ve been trying to fit in what I can while I still feel good. I’ve gone on some good walks with friends, ran errands with mom, had fun on the Wii Fit, I’ve had a great appetite for yummy food (thank goodness for Mexican and lots of guacamole) and have enjoyed my time with those who have come to visit. It’s funny because some of my visitors were coming to fix me lunch and just hang out to make sure I was okay. But instead I’ve been fixing them lunch and have enjoyed their company.

Tuesday is my next chemo treatment and I’m a little nervous as to how my body will respond. After feeling so good it’s hard to think about being stuck on the couch or in bed with a sore throat for a week. But again I’ll just take a day at a time and maybe before I know it I’ll be out and about. Please pray that the chemo used on Tuesday will be effective and kill the cancer cells (I try to imagine a Pac-Man game going on in my body.) Pray that the side-effects would be less and/or manageable. And even pray BIG that after my May 4 chemo treatment that this cancer would be gone for God’s glory!

pulling my hair out
Well, I’m not pulling my hair out because I’m stressed, but because it comes with the territory of chemo. I don’t have bald spots yet, but can tell my hair has thinned quite a bit, and my hair is already fine and thin. I would guess that in a week or less it could all be gone. I may have someone shave it off before then.

My next blog will probably be a collage of different hats and bandanna-type head pieces I have for these spring and summer months. Some people have said that they’ve heard of hair growing back a different color or texture. Who knows, I could end up with blond and curly hair?! But then again, my reddish-auburn hair color isn’t natural so I could go back to it at any time. 😉

Have a great Thursday!

4 thoughts on “feeling good

  1. Krish, the thing is … you sporting bandana looks isn't new! You already know you look great in them. Thanks for the update. I'm glad you got to go to church on Easter and have been feeling well. Praying hard! Love you!

  2. Krish..I am so glad you are feeling so much better! We are praying that your next one will be easy peasy! Don't forget the ice chips …keep your mouth so cold that you can't speak clearly! (then make a video so we can laugh at you! HA!)
    Jerry Naville reminded me of this verse and I repeated it throughout my journey:
    “But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior!” Jeremiah 20:11
    Love you Krish..praying hard.

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