saying goodbye

Have you ever said goodbye to a friend who was going away for a while and you wondered if your friendship would be the same when he or she returned? That describes today as I said goodbye to my hair and had my friend and hairdresser, Rachael, shave my head. I know my hair will return but things could be different than they were before.

I’m thankful Rachael made this journey with me. We tried to have fun through the process although we were both a bit teary-eyed. It was a hard day, but at the same time I’m thankful that tomorrow morning I won’t wake up with a ton of hair all over my pillow or clothes. Here are some photos to recap (One of the photos captures what would happen if I let a three-year-old cut my hair.)

My second chemo is Tuesday (tomorrow). Here are some specifics you can pray:

• Pray that after taking the steroids I need to take that I won’t feel sick. (I have to take three a day until Saturday.)

• Pray that this round of chemo will be smooth and the Benadryl will work in keeping me from feeling short of breath or anxious during the last chemo drug I get.

• Pray that this chemo round will be effective in Pac-Man-ing all of the cancer cells.

• Pray that I will get the necessary rest I need to recover after the chemo.

• Pray that the recovery time will be shorter than last time.

let’s laugh

My friend, Amy, bought me these blocks that spell out laugh. I love this visual reminder of one of my favorite things to do. It might not make sense to some why I smile or make jokes or focus on the positive in such a serious situation, but it’s just what I’d rather do.

I’m so thankful for Jesus’ Spirit living in me that can give me the strength, joy and even laughter I need to make it through a day and appreciate each moment. I’m not saying that I haven’t cried and have actually asked God some tough questions, but I can’t dwell on the trial. I know my God is good and faithful whether I’m living in Indiana, Colorado or Austria and whether I’m dealing with support-raising, cancer or people-pleasing. I don’t always understand what He’s up to and why He’s allowed this in my life, but He is still good.

Lately there are commercials on TV about cancer and treatment (maybe I just notice them more now) that talk about living life after cancer. Huh?! I can’t press pause on life now just because I’m going through this. I don’t want to miss out on any bit of living right now waiting to be cancer-free. Living life looks a bit different, and some days it may just be a simple goal of getting out of the house to go to the post office or visit a friend (rather than jumping out of airplanes), but that’s okay. It’s a great lesson in being rather than doing, something I definitely need to learn.

Until tomorrow! (Or possibly Wednesday, depending on how I feel)

5 thoughts on “saying goodbye

  1. You look gorgeous (and I'm not just saying it to make you feel better). You have a perfect face and you, rocking a shaved head, is very, very chic. I wouldn't be surprised if women see you, and start shaving their heads just to try and emulate. You're a doll. Love you to pieces. (Praying you through.)

  2. Krishana, I am not just saying this, but you look beautiful bald! I think few girls could pull it off, but you do. Thanks for sharing with us on this blog. I'm praying for you!

  3. Krishy! I have been meaning to comment forever on here! I am praying praying praying for you as you go through this time! And you look cute as a button with your hair gone…seriously! I have enjoyed reading your words each week here…you have such a wonderful attitude. Miss you and am praying for you friend!
    –Alison (Garling) Moulder

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