where did she go?

You may have wondered where I disappeared to. Well, as my body bounces back I usually get rather busy during my two “feel good ” weeks. Here are some things I did these last two weeks:

• watched Kaleb play T-ball

• celebrated Mother’s Day

• ran five times (the longest being 1.5 miles)

• booked some flights for a trip to Colorado and Washington

• hung out with my good friend, Erin, and her new baby boy

• saw my cousin, Brian, pitch an excellent baseball game for Manual High School

• and I have to admit that my dad and I have been playing “Super Mario Bros” and “The Adventures of Link: Zelda 2” from 1987 that we downloaded on our Wii

gearing up for chemo#4
The movie discussion is underway as my dad and I prepare for chemo on Tuesday. My appointment is at 10 a.m. and I’m usually finished by 3 p.m. Since my dad will be with me for this round the movie selection will more than likely involve Lord of the Rings. The extended versions are a great way to pass the time for a long chemo day. This will be my fourth chemo . . . only two more complete chemos after that!

On June 14 I have a scan at 7 a.m. (eastern time). I requested an early scan so I don’t have to forgo eating for very long that morning. (You can see my priorities. ha!) This will be my first scan since starting chemo. I’m quite curious to see what’s going on inside of me that I can’t feel. The lymph nodes in my neck are definitely back to normal. Thanks for joining me in prayer about this scan! Let’s pray for God to show up in a BIG way!

Have a great week and thanks for your prayers!
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