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Khloe and I sharing smiles and hairstyles!

Hi friends! I was supposed to have a scan this morning, but on Friday I discovered that I had been scheduled for the wrong type of scan. It was something that I should have caught earlier since the paperwork mentioned the type of scan, but with a girls’ getaway with my mom and my friend, Tra’Cee, visiting this weekend I wasn’t paying close attention to those details. However, the good thing is that the mistake was caught before this morning, so I didn’t go through and have to pay for the wrong type of scan.

Now my PET scan is scheduled for early Wednesday morning at 6:45 a.m. And I will get results within 24 hours.

So here’s how you can pray the next few days:

Tuesday: Chemo day #5! Even though I will have a scan on Wednesday they are still able to give me chemo treatment tomorrow. I go in around 9 a.m. and will probably be there until 3:30ish. Because the last chemo was probably my worst round I’m really dreading this round. Not that I’ve ever been excited about chemo, but mentally and emotionally I’m drained. Pray that God will sustain me tomorrow. Pray that the new anti-nausea drugs I’m taking this round will work, especially since they are more expensive than what I had been taking.

Pray especially from 3:30 p.m. until later that night (eastern time) that I’ll make it through the evening without getting sick. It is really hot and humid here these days, so will you pray for the drive home from chemo treatment.

Tomorrow also begins steroids round five. Pray that I can take these quickly and effortlessly and without them making me sick.

Wednesday: Scan day! Pray that the chemo I receive continues to Pac-Man anything left. Pray that even through fasting that morning that I’ll be able to make it through my scan without that yucky sick feeling. Pray for great news from this scan! That the cancer is gone to the glory of God.

Pray again that I’ll get through steroid-taking day number two!

Later that afternoon I get a shot that helps boost my white blood cell count, pray that this will help my body recover from the chemo and continue to bring healing.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday: Pray that I am able to rest! I’ve had so much fun since the last chemo, but all this fun has taken a toll on my energy level. Pray that I will stop and allow myself to recover from the fun. πŸ˜‰ Pray for those last three steroid-taking days!

has this happened to you?
I had a recent supporter let me know that the check they mailed to Greater Europe Mission was returned with a slip of paper stating that Krishana Kraft is no longer an active missionary with Greater Europe Mission. I’ve called GEM and asked about this and it was a mistake. I’m not sure if it happened to anyone else, but let me know. I’m still with GEM and am active as ever! πŸ˜‰ If this has happened, you can now resubmit the check and it will be processed. Let me know if you need the address, an envelope or the GEM slip containing my name and account information. Sorry about that!

Continue to pray about this last 10 percent of monthly support and the timing with reaching 100 percent of my monthly support, picking up my granted visa and being cancer-free will all come together. Good thing God can orchestrate all of that as He sees fit!

a hair-raising experience
My friend Tra’Cee came on Friday and brought these wigs for me to try as a joke. So I decided that it would be fun to wear one of them to youth group on Sunday night. I actually wore the one Tra’Cee has on with my glasses. The response was hilarious! Some people didn’t know whether or not I was serious and what to say. I laughed so hard! Thanks T for the fun and laughs!

Here are some pics:

Kaleb and Khloe even tried them out . . .

Have a great week!

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  1. Glad to hear that your PET scan scheduling problems got resolved easily and that the GEM thing was just a mistake too! Mom had told me of these issues on Sun so we had been praying for easy resolutions. Praying now for the PET results and an easy round of chemo!!!

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