i love being overwhelmed

There are two ways you can be overwhelmed. Usually when I hear someone say, “I’m overwhelmed” I think they are crying for help, feel burdened or distressed. (On a side note: I get asked every time I go to the oncologist if I’m in any distress. I’m glad I’ve been able to say no with a smile. I think it’s sort of funny, but what I find humorous doesn’t always translate to everyone else.)

Anyway, have you ever been overwhelmed in a good way? The dictionary gives definitive words like submerged; covering over completely; overcome. The best way I can describe being overwhelmed in a good way is when you are tangled in your headphones, have the music up so loud because you want it to embrace every note. I love when I’m overwhelmed in that way!

These last two weeks I have been overwhelmed with God’s goodness, His love and care, His perfect timing, His joy and grace, His freedom gift in Christ. I have been overwhelmed with good news and excitement for the future. This verse struck me today, “Live carefree before God; He is most careful with you” (1 Peter 5:7, The Message). Those words make me want to dance and feel the wind blow . . . uh . . . in between the fuzz on my head (ha!).
Yes, there have already been many moments of forgetfulness about this overwhelming God even moments after getting scan results or celebrating this gift of life with family and friends. Moments when I’ve been focused on what other people think; selfish with my words or actions; prideful in my heart; etc. But the Pursuer doesn’t stop pursuing. And I come back, ready to get tangled in my headphones and turn up the music.

Thank you for celebrating these moments with me! I hope you have the music turned up too.
a refreshing getaway
On Friday, I took a quick trip to St. Louis. My dad joined me for this one-day, road trip adventure. He is such a great dad and a good road-trip companion. The reason we went to St. Louis was to have lunch with a couple (Christy and Eric) and their two girls who are on my team in Vienna, Austria. They are in the States for the summer, so they can speak at churches, connect with supporters and spend time with family. I didn’t realize how much I had missed talking about transitioning to Austria and what God is doing there with fellow teammates. I left our time together smiling from ear to ear. Here are some photos:

on the calendar
The next BIG date for the month of July is my last chemo on July 7. Woohoo! It’s the last one! It’s on that date that I’ll get to meet with my oncologist, ask questions, talk about these amazing scan results and see what the next six months will look like. Pray for this day, you probably know my specifics by now: steroid taking, that the sick-meds will work well, travel to and from in the heat, the conversation with my oncologist, and if there is anything left of that cancer for the chemo to Pac-Man it up.

Thank you for joining me in prayer! Until then . . .

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