complete remission

Don’t you just love those words?! I met with the oncologist on Wednesday. We went over my recent scan results with smiles. The scan is definitely clear! So that day was a par-tay!! With my sleepy/anti-nausea drugs my “Yay!”s were a little more subdued. You can even see in the video that my eyes were heavy.

So what’s next? On Monday I head out for a 10-day trip out west: Colorado, Washington and Oregon. I can’t wait! As far as treatment goes, I will have two maintenance chemos before the end of this year. One of them at the beginning of October and one right after Christmas. This will require only one of the chemo drugs I’ve been taking, and this drug doesn’t have the side-effect of hair loss. Yay!

Here are some other amazing praises:
• After I get through this week of steroids I won’t have to take any with these maintenance treatments!

• I got my expensive anti-nausea drugs for free for this chemo

• I can go pick up my visa in Vienna this fall, probably in October or November

• And if the last bit of monthly support comes in I’m looking at leaving for Austria around New Year’s Eve or possibly the first week in January.

Here’s how you can pray:
Be praying for God to lead me to those whose hearts want to be a part of this ministry in a monthly way.

Pray for these Austrian teens who I haven’t even met yet. Pray that God will open their hearts to the gospel. Pray that God will do BIG things in Austria through Austrians. That His power will move throughout this country and lives will be forever changed.

Pray that I will walk step by step with God. I have a tendency when I get so far in a journey to say, “Okay God, I can take it from here.” But I don’t want to take it back. I have to give it back every single day! Pray that this will take place in my heart, mind and actions.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for joining me in this journey. We’ve only just begun!

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8 thoughts on “complete remission

  1. Hooray! So exciting to read this news finally!

    (Sorry if I seem like a creeper, for reading for a while now but never commenting…)

  2. Your video made me cry! We are so proud of you and the Christ-like way you've walked through this battle. I know it will never truly be over this side of heaven, but we rejoice in the glory God is bringing to Himself through you! We love you! ~Becky (and Rob and the kids)

  3. That's just a beautiful testimony, Krish! Tears in my eyes, seeing all the people you touched along the way. Can't wait to see you next week!

  4. Hey Krishana…you are such a joy to know! I love reading your blog and watching your videos.

    You are in our prayers. Thank you for being transparent and allowing God's grace to shine through you!

    Tony (also for Gwen, Jensina and Jiana)

  5. I'm crying sweet friend. I had no idea you were going through all of this, and you've walked through it so valiantly and with great faith. Praying that energy and strength return to you in great portions and that this part of your story just adds even more richness to the ministry God has for you. Love you! You're an inspiration!

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