tuesday prayer

I just want to post this shout out that God is on the move in raising this last bit of financial support. Thank you for your prayers! Keep praying! Especially pray on Tuesday, August 3 because there are some important decisions to be made that day with a potential church. I can’t give details now, but pray that God would move in a mighty way to bridge the gap in this monthly support. He is so good and faithful in every step. Pray that I will continue to trust Him . . . period.

birthday bonanza
It’s this time of year that our family is overloaded on cake and ice cream and lots of celebration. My dad’s birthday was July 25, mine was July 30 and my brother’s is tomorrow on August 3. Happy Birthday, Kev!

I had an awesome birthday on Friday with so much to celebrate. About six years ago I started creating birthday lists. These lists consist of ways I want to grow in the next year, things I want to try, places I’d like to travel, books I want to read, etc. For each year I’ve completed, that’s the number of things I put on my list. This year there are 31 items. Now, I don’t complete every item on my list every year, but it’s pretty amazing how God spoils me in fulfilling some of these far-fetched items!

God-willing that I’m in Vienna in April, one of the items on my list is the Vienna half-marathon. I think it would be such a symbolic moment of being able to run and being in Vienna. Join me in praying that I’d be able to complete a goal like this on so many levels. I’d love to share that moment with you!

learning to walk, leap and dance again

This photo is of a birthday gift I received from my friend, Tra’Cee. I love all that this girl represents with her posture and red ribbon. I think it’s a great representation of this new season I’m stepping/leaping into.

I sense that I’ve stepped into a new season with God. These last few months have been some of the most faith-stretching and yet faith-filled months of my life. It’s hard to describe, but maybe you’ve experienced this before. I can clearly see now that my Abba, my Daddy carried me. Looking back, I realize a little bit more the amount of strength, faith, hope, love, grace I was given during this past season.

Now, I’m learning to stand, walk, jump and dance all over again. (Well, I should probably learn to dance for the first time. ha!) Sometimes this is fun and sometimes this is simply hard work. My daily struggles and insecurities have resurfaced, as if they were uninvited guests. Not that they weren’t around these last six months, but they were so minor in comparison to other circumstances and questions. I’m being tested to continue trusting God in BIG ways, not give up hope and give Him every little piece of me. He still gives me His strength, but I’m having to walk in it, instead of only resting in it. And all the while, He’s overwhelming me with His love and an insatiable hunger for Himself.

today, I choose the mountains
What a blessing to go on a trip where I didn’t have to choose whether I wanted to go to the mountains or to the beach. I got to see both! My time in Colorado was so special because of all the people I got to see, including those I used to work with at Brio. This part of the trip was mostly friends and food.

Mom and I stayed at the Kasza household, or Kasza Resort as I like to call it! Their place had amazing views of the mountains. My favorite time of day in Colorado is when the sun is setting just behind the mountains. It’s breathtaking!

Here are some photos of the first couple days in Colorado (more photos to come later):

Hope you have a great week!

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