school days are here again

Today was my dad’s first day with students. I got a little teary-eyed when he walked with his lunch box toward that BIG middle school building. But then I zoomed off . . . to meet my cousin, Elizabeth, for a run. Dad and I share a car these days, which is why I dropped him off at school. I thought it would be fun to capture this moment of role reversal:

With school starting, it seems as if life has picked up speed: Our high school ministry starts this Sunday night! Pray for this Collide ministry and that the students would go deeper and embrace God this semester. I’ve had coffee/lunches with a few freshmen college students as they prepare for a new chapter in their life. I went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and the oncologist for a chemo-port-cleaning. All appointments were beneficial and positive! My energy level comes and goes, but other than that I feel great, am loving life, and can usually be found at Panera Bread.

Raising financial support is also another area that is taking off with the hope of moving to Vienna in early January. I mentioned a potential church supporter in a previous post, but I didn’t think I’d have anything to share until September. However, God has graciously opened this door a bit sooner than I thought. Praise God for His excellent timing! He knows what my travel schedule looks like in September *smile* (more about that in a future post).

On Tuesday, Aug. 23 I will drive to Ohio, where the next day (Wed., Aug. 24) I will share at a church about the spiritual need in Austria (at 10 a.m. eastern time). Pray for a great connection with this group, that God would be the center of our time together and that His heart and message for Austria would come across in what I share. Pray that God would use this opportunity to begin bridging that gap of monthly financial support.

the defroster doesn’t help when it’s foggy

I really don’t like driving in the fog, and this morning I was doing just that in southern Indiana. You can’t drive within the speed limit on a busy road or any faster than that (who does that?!) when you don’t know what’s ahead. There were times I even turned my defroster on to see if maybe my windows were part of my visibility problem. No such luck!

“Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture” (Psalm 37:3). Did you know this verse talks about a “tandem” connection? The word “trust” used here means “to attach oneself to.” God is saying, Attach yourself to me and then allow that attachment to overflow into action. He wants that type of living to be evident during our time on this earth and for others to see His faithfulness and provision in our lives.

My problem is that I’ll attach myself to God and then say, “Okay, now where are we going? How are we going to get there? What’s the forecast for November?” I want him to be like this automatic GPS/weather man. Obviously, He doesn’t work that way, even though He does know what’s coming and how we’ll get there. It’s like driving through the fog. I can only focus on the small distance of point A to point B with Him. But if I try to speed ahead to point C without Him then there is the potential for disaster.

I try to turn on my spiritual defroster, analyzing and over-analyzing everything I’m doing and not doing. When God is saying to me, “Krishana, just attach yourself to me, draw near to Me and let’s go together. If you needed to know what was ahead and how we’re going to get there then I would’ve told you. Trust me, live out of that trust, be ALL here, right where I have you and let Me show you how I’ll provide for you in every way, even beyond your imagination.”

more fun pics from my trip out West
Here are more photos from the Colorado portion of my trip in July. When Mom and I arrived in Denver we had two stops: Caribou Coffee in the airport and the Tattered Cover, one of my favorite bookstores. I could stay in there for hours!

At the Caribou Coffee shop in the airport we met up with Tim and Deanna. I met them in Vienna, Austria when they were living there. They are still with GEM, but now live in Colorado.

The rest of the photos displays what happens when you’re involved with youth ministry. You not only get to know the high school students, but their families. What a treat it was to reconnect with these people! They are so dear to my heart. Now these students are grown, graduating from college, getting married and shining for Jesus through it all!

The Moon Family

Becky, Krish and Ashley

How did all of these Hoosiers end up in Colorado?

The main reason I visited Colorado was to see Lauren get married. She was one of the Colorado high school girls I had for four years in my small group. I actually lived with her family for 10 months. Here’s a pic of The Burfords, The Covingtons and me before the wedding.

Another special Colorado small group girl โ€” Marissa! And Steve Burford peeking through the two of us in the photo!! Hilarious and yet so appropriate!

The bride and her dad!

Lauren and Jesiah

And this is a classic photo because I never knew what the back of my bald head looked like. Now I do!

Have a great end of your week!

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