what just happened?!

The last two weeks went rather quick, almost like a tornado blew through our household. On Saturday, October 2, I joined family and friends for Light the Night Walk. This was a walk to raise funds for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society.

After about 45 minutes of arriving at the venue in downtown Louisville, my mom received a phone call that her dad (my grandpa) went to be with Jesus. She got to see him earlier that afternoon and knew he wasn’t doing well, but didn’t expect for him to go so quickly. Mom and Dad left the walk early, but I decided to stay. Mom made the banner we carried, which was quite special!

My grandpa, who I called Pops, was an amazing man! He had so much talent and creativity . . . he was always creating something. The most recent memories I have with him are of going to his assisted living apartment and listening to his funny childhood stories. As his only granddaughter, I know I had a special place in his heart! He will definitely be missed!

This unexpected life turn was followed by a chaotic week. On Monday, October 4, I had my first maintenance chemo treatment. I was told that I looked a little pale on the drive home, but I didn’t get sick once. Honestly, I have never felt so good following a chemo treatment! I slept a lot on Monday, but by Tuesday I was ready to go workout, but still took it easy since I knew I’d hear it from all of my “moms” if I didn’t.

By Wednesday, I was off and flying . . . literally. I left that morning for a leadership conference in Atlanta called Catalyst. I’m still processing all that I gleaned from this experience. I was challenged in many ways!

Saturday, October 9 we arrived back in southern Indiana in the wee hours of the morning and that afternoon we held a memorial service for Pops. Thanks to all of you who were able to stop by that day! We really appreciate it!

drum roll please…
Friends, our God is moving! My support need has moved from $600 of monthly to $400 of monthly! The need is getting smaller thanks to a great BIG God. Keep joining me in prayer that God would give me opportunities to share and lead me to those He’s moving to join in on His work in Austria. Know someone interested in being a part of this Tandem Team? Have you been praying about it? Now is the time! Let’s be bold and pray that we’ll be down to $200 by Friday. Are you in?

Want to be a part of what God’s doing in Austria and join me in this journey through monthly support? Here is a link to how you can join this monthly support team! Let me know if you have any questions.

pumpkin heads
Kaleb and I are getting ready for a family vacation to Disney (in 7 days!). So in honor of that occasion we had a Toy Story theme night. We watched the movies, played Toy Story Uno, ate pizza (as if we were at Pizza Planet), completed a small Toy Story puzzle, and made Mr. and Miss Pumpkin Heads instead of Potato Heads! ha! Here are a few photos:

More updates coming soon. Thanks for joining me in the journey!

3 thoughts on “what just happened?!

  1. Hooray for the shrinking number of $$ needed! God is great. Agreeing with you that the number shrinks again! I'm wishing I had had an Aunt Krishy when I was Kaleb's age! You both are blessed to have each other to enjoy! Love you!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your Pops passing. But also love hearing how close you are to your family and the things you do with your Pops, nephew, etc. That's so fantastic and it's making a special place in their hearts for you! We're hoping the support comes in quickly. Blessings, gwen 🙂

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