we’re moving forward again

Just a quick update. We’re down to $500 of monthly need. Go God! Tomorrow I leave for Disney World with Mom, Dad, Kaleb, Khloe, Kev and Marissa, for what will probably be my last vacation with them for a while. I’m looking forward to some sweet moments and memories! Lots of photos to come!

I’ll be back online Friday, October 29. I’ll keep you posted as the need continues to decrease. Let’s keep praying! Have a great week! And thanks for journeying with me! 🙂

One thought on “we’re moving forward again

  1. Yay for God and his meeting needs! Now I think you must ride “It's a Small World” several times. I'm claiming notification of additional support for each ride! Jesus – we need to make the world get smaller for Krishana by getting her to Austria to introduce teens (and others) to you there! Amen!

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