our Christmas house tradition

This is our third year making Christmas houses out of graham crackers, icing and all kinds of sweet treats my mom found at the store! Here are some photos.

Marissa and Kaleb working on their house. Or maybe more like Marissa working and Kaleb eating.

Sweet Khloe walking around the kitchen.

Kevin really went all out this year. This is his house in the early stages. At first he asked if we had a box the size of a microwave. No such luck with that request, so this is the size of his candy covered mansion.

Here’s my finished house. I ran out of time, so the windows on the sides of my house are rather small, sort of like being on a cruise ship. hahaha!

Kaleb and I saying “Cheese!” with my Christmas house.

oops . . . well, it’s Christmastime!
Enjoy this video update! And if you have an excellent memory you’ll realize that I’m wearing the same fleece I had on in my Christmas video last year. hahahaha! Well at least my hair looks really different!

Here’s the link in case you can’t view the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc8JnIRS1KU

ways you can join me in prayer
Continue to pray about the $350 of monthly support that is still needed. God is moving and opening doors and opportunities, so I praise Him for that!! Pray that I would continue to follow His lead and that hearts would be moved to be a part of this team and what He’s doing in Austria!

I have my next maintenance chemo on December 28, which should just make me sleepy. Pray that this chemo will continue to be effective.

Thank you for your prayers!! I hope to have some specific departure info for you very soon!

Have a great week!

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