a boat-load

Last Monday, all of the items I packed on my container arrived safe and sound, and very timely. The container arrived at my apartment a half-hour before it was scheduled. That day was a very busy and chaotic, but also a HUGE blessing with all the friends I had helping me unload, unpack and even put together some furniture. Before I knew it, this empty apartment began to look like a home.

Now that it’s six days later it looks even more like home!! But I will wait until my bed frame and mattress arrives to give you the grand tour! My bed should be coming in about two weeks. As of right now I alternate between a sofa-bed and an air-mattress.

a Merkur moment
I hope that someday as I learn more German and adapt to culture that the grocery store won’t be such a stressful place. But right now it is! The grocery store that’s super-close to where I live is called Merkur. It’s quite a big store, which is nice because it also has quite a variety. On Saturday I went to grab a few more items, since the stores close at 6 p.m. that day and don’t open again until Monday morning.

So to do my shopping I grabbed a shopping basket. As I approached the checkout lane I noticed a woman who works at Merkur collecting these baskets. She was bending down at the beginning of each aisle and collecting the baskets that were left. She saw me with my basket in hand and after unloading my items on the conveyor belt I turned around and handed her the basket. She gave me an appreciative smile and went on her way.

It might seem silly, but these moments of friendliness and smiles mean so much to me right now. That’s a language I understand! There is something unique about connecting with someone of a different language and culture, especially when words can’t be that communication bridge at the moment.

God has placed in us the desire to feel and be connected with other people! I guess my hope and prayer right now are for more of those bridge moments where connection supersedes language and cultural differences!

video update
Now you can see how much my hair has grown and how I desperately need a haircut!!! hahaha! Here’s more of an update video-style!

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO_kmL3zn0M

Have a great week!

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