March 10, 2010

A year ago today everything changed. A new chapter was added to my story that I didn’t expect. It was a year ago today that I had my biopsy surgery and found out that I had some sort of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I’m not sure if every year that goes by if I’ll be reminded of the series of events, but I definitely do this year. It’s crazy amazing to me that now a year later I’m sitting in my apartment in Vienna, Austria writing this post. I had no idea what this plot-twisting chapter would look like on the other side. Praise God for His goodness, faithfulness, MIGHTY POWER, and for holding my hand through every part of this journey.

Well, I started my first week of language school on Monday. It’s going well, with the exception that I am not sleeping well at night. I’m not sure if it’s because I don’t have my real bed yet, that my brain won’t shut down, or what, but I would ask that you would pray that I could get some good sleep tonight. Sleep is super important when I’m trying to learn and understand a new language, well, sleep is important anyway!

last week’s chemo
On Tuesday of last week, I had my first maintenance chemo treatment in Vienna. Everything went really, really well. The treatment was exactly the same as what I had previously in the States, only my surroundings were different. The treatment actually went more quickly than I anticipated and was able to head home and spend the afternoon resting. I’m very pleased with my new oncologist. I’ll have my next chemo treatment in May and will continue this maintenance schedule for the next two years. I’ll have my first scan in May as well to see how everything is doing, and to make sure everything is still clear.

Thank you for your prayers and support!!

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