praying through May

As I look at my calendar, this month is packed with so many things going on, many of them medical. So I thought I’d give you some important dates and ask that you join me in prayer! Thanks!!

May 10 – reapplying for my visa: pray that I will have every document they need and that my application would be processed in a timely fashion; pray that I and/or my supervisor will catch any application mistakes now before it gets submitted

May 18 – appointment with my oncologist for some bloodwork: there are some blood tests that the technicians for the CT scan need me to have before I come for the scan. So, I’ll meet with my oncologist that day and have blood drawn (not my favorite thing in the world, but it has to be done). Unfortunately for me they won’t draw it from my port, so I have to have it taken from my arm. boo!

May 24 – CT scan at 9 a.m.: this is the morning I can’t eat anything, but have to drink 1.5 liters of milk. Pray that my stomach can handle it and that the scan would be clear of anything abnormal.

May 30 – appointment with my oncologist to go over the scan results

May 31 – my second Vienna maintenance chemo treatment; pray that the chemo would be effective; that I would see God’s hand in the timing of getting in and getting out of the hospital that day, as well as who I may meet or what conversations could take place with those I meet/talk to. Pray that the week(s) following the chemo would be restful. Last time I had quite a bit of trouble sleeping, but I also think that had something to do with culture shock. It’s hard to pinpoint it. Pray that I would get good sleep this time around.

Thank you so much for your prayers!! I’m blessed to have you journeying along with me. Have a great week!! Hope all the mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

Time for bed . . . it’s 1:25 a.m.!! Goodnight! 🙂

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