great appointment!

On Tuesday evening I made it to Louisville, KY safe and sound. I actually was in a plane coming from Vienna that had to circle the D.C. airport for about 30 minutes before landing because of the recent earthquake in that area. Thankfully it didn’t affect my connecting flight and I made it back just fine. I was greeted in the airport by around 15 people (family and friends)! It was quite the welcome back!! Even though I came back for surgery it’s quite the treat to spend time with people who are such dear to my heart.
Well, this morning I met with the surgeon. The surgeon and the staff in the office were laughing that my reports were all in German. I did have a translation, but one of the nurses wanted to hide the translation from my surgeon and see if he could figure it out. I thought that was funny!
My appointment went great! I will have gallbladder surgery on Sept. 2 in the afternoon. The surgeon who is performing this did both my lymph node biopsy and my port placement surgery. Pray that the surgeon will have wisdom and that the gallbladder will be able to be taken out laparoscopically. We hope that this will be the case, but my gallstones are rather large, so it depends. The recovery time could be different if it isn’t performed laparoscopically.
That’s all for now! This afternoon I’m headed to the dentist. Quite the day of appointments. 🙂
Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Ah, sounds like a great appointment indeed! Best of luck at the dentist. Then, go eat some soft-serve ice cream. Do you miss soft-serve? I kind of miss it. Even though we have tasty ice cream here, I do crave a good frozen yogurt every now and then. Keep us posted!

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