a hoe-down in my heart!!

On April 15 I did complete the Vienna City Half-Marathon in 2 hours and 18 minutes. This picture captures the good portion of the race. When this picture was taken it was around the half-way point. I saw some friends, they cheered me on and then I turned the corner to what became the more difficult portion of the race. One street that I ran on seemed like it lasted forever!! It was in one of the major shopping districts in Vienna. While I ran and saw store after store after store, I thought to myself, I’m never shopping here again!! hee hee!

I was quite thankful I ran with my worship music! It seemed like the perfect song came on when I needed a boost or to be reminded not to give up because God’s not giving up on me. The soundtrack that actually goes with the picture above is the song I Saw the Light by David Crowder Band. I’ve told people that when this picture was taken that I was having a hoe-down in my heart. Take a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wn_6qnWA

the countdown ’til summer begins!!
I have six more days of formal language school left! Praise Jesus! I’m really looking forward to meeting with a tutor and/or language helper beginning in August/September. I’m at a point in my language learning where it’s time for me to use more of what I’ve learned and strengthen those skills. 

I found myself this morning responding to someone in German who doesn’t even speak German. Now that was funny! I then had to go back and tell her what I had said. So I guess something must be working, and more and more I’m thinking in German and English instead of just English. 

So what does the summer hold? Oh it’s gonna be fun! Here is the upcoming summer schedule and ways you can pray from now through August:

May 26-28 – attending a PFIJU: Youth Conference here in Vienna. The theme of the conference is Apps for your Soul. Pray that God would help me connect with other leaders there. Pray that I would get a better picture of how He is moving in Austria among young people. The thing about “youth” in Vienna is that the age range is more like 15 to 25. I’m curious to see what this conference will be like. http://www.2012.pfiju.at/

May 29 – have my second maintenance chemotherapy for 2012. After this one there will only be two more left! Pray that I’ll get the rest I need during and after. 

May 31 – June 18 I get to see some very dear people because I’m flying to the US and spending most of my time in Indiana. Pray that God would really be the center of my time with my family and friends. That I’d follow His lead and 

For those of you in Colorado I’m making a whirlwind stop in Colorado Springs and would love to see you at Josh & John’s downtown for some ice cream on June 13 around 3 p.m. if you can make it. Send me an e-mail if you think you can make it. 

July 2-4 – helping with an English Camp that will be hosted at my church in Vienna. Pray for the kids and teens who attend, that relationships will be built and the gospel received. 

July 6-14 – heading to Germany for a week-long retreat for GEMers who have been on the field anywhere from 1 to 3 years. It should be refreshing and practical as I continue to go through various stages of culture shock, adjustment and figuring out this new life in a foreign country. Pray for my time as I re-connect with some new-found friends and also do some heart-work as I prepare for the years ahead. 

July 24 – August 3 – I’m Olympic bound!! No, I won’t be competing! But I am excited to serve on the hospitality team with More Than Gold: http://www.morethangold.org.uk/

Pray for all those coming to the Olympics, athletes, their families, spectators. I’m excited to see how God will move during my time there and the conversations I get to have with people I’ve never met. 

Well, that’s enough of a prayer calendar for now! Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I really appreciate your prayers and support. Okay, so I better get in a little more German studying before tomorrow’s test.

Have a great Friday!

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