London calling

Tomorrow (well actually now it’s today here in Vienna) I’m off again for the third time this summer. I’ve been going since May 31 and have covered traveling to the United States: Indiana and Colorado, Germany and am heading to London for my final trek of the summer. 

I have so much to share from what I’ve experienced and learned, but I have not had the energy to get this blog updated. Sorry. Pray for my health! I’m so excited about serving at the Olympics, but my body  seems to be rebelling against all this traveling. Pray that I will have the energy I need and that this sinus junk would clear up and be gone. I’ve been told I could be helping with anything from the media crew that takes care of photos, e-mails, phone calls and even press interviews with the More Than Gold organization I’m serving with, to helping with one of the Hospitality Centers – serving those families of athletes coming to the games from around the world. Who knows, you may see me on BBC! hee hee!! Now wouldn’t that be a hoot?! Guess I need to work on my British accent on the plane.

I do have two fun/funny things to share with you before I take off again. The first is a quick speaking video I created for a mentoring class I’m taking called BLAST (Building Leaders, Authors, Speakers and Teachers through Shannon Ethridge). I share a funny story about my trip home to the United States and my crazy journey in the Charlotte (NC) Airport and tie it into a spiritual lesson:

Second is a video of my Alpine Slide/Train Adventure in Germany. It was fun! It was a mix between go-karts and a roller coaster:

I sped up the beginning of the slide when I’m going uphill, but the second-half is normal speed. Hope you have a great week!! Thank you for reading and for your prayers! More updates soon!

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