enjoying every moment!!

It is such a joy to be in Vienna and with so many people I love on this side of the pond. I arrived March 10, and only had a few days before I got on a plane again and headed to Italy for a women’s retreat, check out this view from the window of my hotel room. We stayed about an hour outside of Rome, but had the opportunity to visit Rome for one day during our stay.

My friend Kate and I in front of Trevi Fountain in Rome. 

I was tempted to purchase pasta in the shape of bikes, but thought a picture would be sufficient! Could you call this tandem-living pasta?! 

This retreat focused on listening to God. It’s hard to even describe in words what I experienced, but I can definitely say God and I had some very special times together. And I am very thankful for the opportunity to attend this retreat because it gave me more tools that I’ll use in the months and year to come, during my transplant and as I recover. The pace of life has already been different for me, but I know it will change even more.

It’s hard to be still. One tool I’m learning to use is taking 10 minutes each day and sit in quiet and solitude to simply listen to what God may want to say. As distracting thoughts come I imagine myself putting these thoughts in a boat and sending them down the river. This is a tool that refocuses my day, reminds me of how much Jesus wants to spend time with me and how often I put other things before Him.

packing up
Well, the packing has begun, but I’ve tried to balance it with enjoying Vienna like heading to the Easter markets, enjoying lots of really great coffee and hanging out with friends. We’ve had some sunshine, but the weather is still bitterly cold. I’m praying for warmth!! Please join me!! hee hee!!

Let the packing and numbering of Rubbermaid Tubs continue . . . 

Easter Market Eggs!! So beautiful 

St. Stephans on a beautiful day!

A beautiful Austrian breakfast!! So blessed by Waltraude and her hospitality

Tomorrow I’m sharing at church about how God can create pearls out of something like cancer. I’m thankful for this opportunity and also that I have someone translating while I speak in English. If you received my newsletter then you have an idea of what I’m talking about. I hope to have a video of sharing in church up on this blog sometime after tomorrow. Pray that God will be glorified and He will use this story to touch hearts and lives.

how you can join me in prayer 
An update on the transplant process . . . Well, my brother isn’t a match for me to use for a bone marrow transplant. The team I’m working with is currently searching for a match in the Be A Match database. It can take a while for someone new to get into the database for me to potentially use as a match, so pray that out of those who are already there will be a match.

Pray for the details of selling items I can’t bring back with me to the United States, everything that has an electrical plug. I especially need to get rid of a washer and dryer.

Pray for all the many details of leaving/moving . . . arranging my television cable to be disconnected, transferring the electric bill to my landlord’s name, having enough strong guys to help on moving day (April 8), details and paperwork with the moving company, etc.

My friend, Karin and I at the Naschmarkt in Vienna!! She is a treasure!! 

Pray for every moment I get with those I call friends here. God is working out every detail of spending time with people. I’ve already had some wonderful moments.

Pray for my friends who will come join me and with whom I’ll fly back with. They will travel soon after Easter to get here and help out. Pray for these families as they will be without these two amazing women for a week.

Thanks for joining me in this journey! I hope you have a great week, and a wonderful Easter if I don’t get back on here with an update before then.

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