my garden is growing

Good thing this whole stem-cell engraftment and reproducing thing is in God’s hands because if this garden-growing was up to me I’d be in bad shape. I’ve never had a green thumb! hee hee!! Yep, you read that right, my counts are beginning to go up which means the stem cells have found their way and are starting to reproduce. I’m sorry I haven’t posted much the last two weeks. I have had good days and bad days, thankful for more good than bad!

Continue to pray as these cells reproduce. Pray against infection and graft-versus-host disease. If things progress the way they have I could go home as early as Friday or Saturday and as late as a week from Tuesday. Yay!!

I praise Jesus for every step He has carried me through in this transplant journey. Many times my prayer has been “Fight for me” because I just haven’t had anything left. He has sustained and strengthened me.. If you aren’t on Facebook then I’ll recap a little bit of the journey through the pics below:

My picc line has to be wrapped in Glad Wrap in order to take a shower. Just another way to keep me fresh!

Here’s a pic from June 5 – transplant day! So thankful for the donor who gave so I can have a new immune system. 

Mom and Dad did a great job of adding to the celebration of that day. They brought this balloon and cupcakes from Adrienne’s bakery! I didn’t eat any that day, but I did a couple days later. Yummy!!

I now call my dad my cruise director. He leads the way as we cruise through the hospital on our daily 30 minute walk. 

You can’t beat having a duckbill looking mask. Goes with my appreciation of the show Duck Dynasty! 

Thank you so much for your prayers!! I’m so blessed to have such an awesome support system, whether you live a few miles for me or across the pond. Thank you for journeying with me. Go GOD go!! Have a great week!

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