honey, i’m home!!!

I’ll be saying that this evening because I get to leave Lexington today. Let me just say praise Jesus that I get to go home and the way HE has carried me through this portion of the journey. 

HE has wowed some of the people I’ve met while here at Markey. Hardly anyone has left here without spiking a fever; they can probably count them on one hand. They told me I could just expect to get a fever, but haven’t. Many people are sick a majority of the time and can’t get out of bed. I praise Jesus for every day I’ve been able to take my 30 minute walk. There were only a few days I missed. I’m so thankful that I get to come home without a picc line and won’t have to wrap my arm in Glad-wrap before taking a shower.

how do you feel? how can I pray?
I’m exhausted. You wouldn’t think that being in a hospital in bed could be so tiring, but there are people coming in and out all the time. I am looking forward to building back up to eight hours of sleep rather than two per night. I’m an introvert that acts like an extrovert, so I am also looking forward to some recharging time.

Pray that I will regain a good appetite and maintain good nutrition. Please pray for protection as I will still be really immunosuppressed through at least September. Please pray that I will tolerate all the pills I have to take. Now we’re beginning the next part of this journey of more healing all for His glory!!

Thank you so much for your prayers, cards, Facebook posts, e-mails!! Have a great week!! 

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