thankful for the giving

Happy Thanksgiving!! A shout out to all of you who have been praying for me. Thank you! 

The journey of the last two to three months has been rough. But God is faithful, and HE has taken care of me through every moment. Sometimes HE’s taken care of me in ways HE knew I needed that I didn’t even realize until later.

I am thankful for the life I’ve been given. Thank you, Mr. Stem Cell Donor, wherever you might be, for giving my body what it could need to live a life without cancer. Even more important to me, Thank You, Jesus, for giving Your life, so I can have a relationship with You. You help me through each moment of life here on earth, and promise me an even more amazing life with You forever. 

While I have a jumble of words and phrases in my head and heart, I just can’t seem to find more to say. Instead, I want you to hear this powerful story and hopefully be impacted in the same way I was.

One thought on “thankful for the giving

  1. Very powerful post and video, Krish. Thanks for your transparency and for honestly sharing the things many of us too scared to acknowledge publicly. God's blessings to you as He leads you on this journey.

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