Crafted by His hands and heart

Brownie mixes, REESE’S cups, Stove Top packets, cans of green chiles, peppermint candy canes and so many other goodies were piled on tables and chairs in the hotel conference room. The abundance of these goodies that had mostly been donated by supporters and church families felt overwhelming — a good overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to … Continue reading Crafted by His hands and heart


When have you experienced a sweet "yes!" amidst a series of "no!"s? For me, this journey has felt like a forest full of no's, not-yets, not enough, not now. When you're in the thick of it all it's difficult to find the path out. Can you relate? All praise to God, the Father of our … Continue reading yes!!

hope delayed?

Today marks three years post stem-cell transplant. My parents surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that included three Gerber daisies to celebrate my cell's third birthday! This morning I worshiped with my church congregation and sang about how the Resurrected King is resurrecting me. Think about this story: When Mary arrived and saw Jesus, she fell … Continue reading hope delayed?

3 questions I’d like to ask a former secret service officer

Nehemiah. Today we'd call him a secret service officer to King Artaxerxes in 445 B.C. He tasted the king's wine to make sure it wasn't poisoned. Every day he risked his life for the sake of the king. I've never met him, but he feels like an old friend. His story inspires my story. And if you've followed this … Continue reading 3 questions I’d like to ask a former secret service officer