4 ways to Labor your Day in prayer

It's been two weeks into this monumental goal of completing my first draft by the end of October. And I'm already struggling . . . Any strugglers out there? I enjoy this journey of walking down streets of the past, but it's still difficult and emotional and takes a lot of energy. My Friday writing time was spent … Continue reading 4 ways to Labor your Day in prayer

8 items to pack for an unknown destination

I noticed the other day, I am quite fast at packing a suitcase. I have this mental list which takes me through an entire day of what I'd need if I simply stayed home. However, when you're headed somewhere different from home, it's not always easy to know what to pack. Last Friday, I began a 60-day journey. … Continue reading 8 items to pack for an unknown destination

why have a ball gown without a ball?

I found a deal on this formal dress a few years ago. I bought it thinking I'd use it the following January to wear to one of the many balls hosted in Vienna. Friends of mine had attended a ball at the Hofburg Palace, and we'd talked about attending a future one together. They used to compete in ballroom … Continue reading why have a ball gown without a ball?

when you’re stuck, you . . .

At a recent family gathering, I heard my cousin share this story about her two oldest children. It made me laugh so hard I asked if I could share it: I was upstairs feeding my little one when I heard my four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter crying. My four-year-old yelled, "Mommy we're stuck, We're stuck!" I … Continue reading when you’re stuck, you . . .

will you come over?

One of my favorite responses from friends is when they say, "Come on over!" I love when I spontaneously stop by a friend's house and share honest conversation and laughter. Those invitations via text, phone call, voicemail and even email make me smile and sometimes teary-eyed, especially when I can't join them because we don't live in the same … Continue reading will you come over?

My moment with Elisabeth Elliot . . .

and why she became one of my heroes: I stood in line clutching my Passion and Purity book. I'd spent the majority of my Saturday listening to Elisabeth Elliot speak about her life as a missionary and the spiritual truths God taught her along the way at my home church in Louisville, Ky., In 1956, … Continue reading My moment with Elisabeth Elliot . . .

reliving my childhood . . . vaccinations

I had a wonderful childhood! I wouldn't mind reliving summer evenings of playing kickball after dinner, riding my bike to the local swimming pool, special moments with cousins and playing make-believe. However, I never desired to relive my childhood vaccinations! Unfortunately, many stem-cell transplant patients have to just that. All of the immunities I once had were wiped out in the process. My final … Continue reading reliving my childhood . . . vaccinations

why you won’t see me eating popsicles this summer and other little things

Most people love the cool, sweet taste of a popsicle on a summer day. However, I would not be one of those people. I may even hold a record for eating 12 popsicles in 1.5 hours. It was June 2013 and I had my last days of chemo therapy before receiving my new stem cells. … Continue reading why you won’t see me eating popsicles this summer and other little things