Drop the plates: The art of giving up

Years ago when I interned with Christianity Today International’s Campus Life magazine, I had a weekly column sharing a bit of my faith journey with Jesus. Through that weekly writing ritual, I found that either God gave me more material or I was simply more aware of what to write about. This hasn't changed. Did … Continue reading Drop the plates: The art of giving up

How to more than survive a crash course in theology

We’ve all felt it. You step into a room, look around and think, Where do I fit in this scenario? Well, this is where I stand, except I’m not in a physical room. I’m logging on to an online Master’s program in Bible Exposition. Yes, 17 years after I finished my undergraduate degree, I’m heading … Continue reading How to more than survive a crash course in theology

New Release: TL Book Trailer(s)

Here is a way to share the Tandem Living release date and book cover with your friends. These videos give a glimpse of my story and hopefully creates curiosity. One is almost three minutes, the shorter around a minute in length. Enjoy! Full version Tandem Living Book Trailer (Full-Version) Short version Tandem Living Book Trailer (Short version)

Book cover reveal!!

Yesterday, I received my hard copy proof...an actual book. It's amazing to hold something that has been years in the making. Thanks to Sally Dunn and Lynn Wohland for their brilliant creativity in making this such a beautiful book. I can't wait to get it into your hands...only a few more steps. We're almost there!!


Only 124 days until this book is launched into...well, I know it will be on Amazon, but I honestly have no idea where this journey leads. I'm excited for you to have it in your hands soon. Right now, I'm working on editing the entire manuscript in its designed format. If it comes to mind, … Continue reading 124

Crafted by His hands and heart

Brownie mixes, REESE’S cups, Stove Top packets, cans of green chiles, peppermint candy canes and so many other goodies were piled on tables and chairs in the hotel conference room. The abundance of these goodies that had mostly been donated by supporters and church families felt overwhelming — a good overwhelming. I couldn’t wait to … Continue reading Crafted by His hands and heart