will you come over?

One of my favorite responses from friends is when they say, “Come on over!” I love when I spontaneously stop by a friend’s house and share honest conversation and laughter. Those invitations via text, phone call, voicemail and even email make me smile and sometimes teary-eyed, especially when I can’t join them because we don’t live in the same city, state or even country.

Today, I’m asking if you will cover over with me to a friend’s “house” and join me on her blog. She’s a friend I’ve actually never met in person, but we both enjoy adventure and both lived in Vienna, yet never met while we were there. She’s exploring adventure and what it looks like as a Jesus-follower. She featured me in a recent interview about life, adventure and my relationship with God. Grab your favorite snack and join me at her place as we learn and grow together!

Practicing the Art of Adventure blog

Have a great day!

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