A letter to my port

Dear Mr. Power Port,

Today, we say good-bye. When they put you in six years ago, I was so nervous. I didn’t know what this new journey meant and why you needed to come along. However, you did make my journey more bearable and for that I’m forever grateful. You swallowed some pretty nasty chemo, but you made it easier on my veins. For that, I thank you. In Austria, they thought it was hilarious that you were named Power Port, yet you continued to take your job seriously through many months of maintenance treatment. After three years, you took on one of the biggest tasks to date. You swallowed both chemo that killed my immune system as well as something so life-giving, my new cells that allow me to live today without cancer. Thank you! I can’t say I’ll miss chemo or being in the hospital or the nasty taste in my mouth that I get when they clean you, but it will be quite strange to not have you around. Thank you so much for all that you did for me!

Yours truly,



Today marks a big day! On Friday, March 18 I found out that I had another clear scan. Praise God! After a few clear scans, I made the decision to have my port removed. For me, my port had become a sort-of security blanket. A few months ago, I spoke to a group of women about fear. One of the statements we recited again and again is, “When life slams the door in your face, you must stand up in HIS grace.” I figured that if I held onto my port then I’d be ready for the next time life slammed the door in my face, almost as if I anticipated it. Yet, God reminded me (even this week) of Psalm 112:7, “They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them” [NLT, emphasis added]. HE doesn’t want a 50-50 trust from me. HE wants a 100-percent-all-in-kind-of trust! This is my next step in obedience and becoming a woman who confidently trusts in the Lord to care for me, no matter what slamming door life brings.

On Monday, April 18,  at 1 p.m. EST is when I’ll have this procedure. Thank you for your prayers as I take another step forward.

More about the book project soon…but in honor of port removal day I have an excerpt for you from Chapter 7! You can read it here:

Chapter 7 excerpt

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One thought on “A letter to my port

  1. Dearest Krishana,
    This is such encouraging news! Please know that my family and I are praying for you during this procedure and for no more need for the port. May you continue to experience God’s peace as you trust in Him. As always, thank you for sharing from your heart.
    With Love,
    Carrie & Family

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