i “heart” the ride

Friends, somehow it is now September. Does anyone else think that is insane? This summer has involved a ton of hard work. I don’t have a tan. I don’t have pics from a beach vacation. And I can’t say I have relaxed a ton. However, I can say I’m closer to my first book.

At the end of this editingphotomonth, this book baby will head to design. Brainstorming about cover art has already commenced.

This morning I have papers and Post-Its all over my floor. These were the Post-Its I used more than a year ago to start mapping out chapter ideas. Um, the final product looks quite different—thanks to amazing editors!


Not only will my book not be made up of Post-Its, but it will have 20 chapters rather than the 18 I had mapped out.

The story flows better now than it did in the early stages and I’m quite proud of what it has become. It’s definitely a Krishana-Kraft book!

Stay tuned for more secrets about this book launch revealed in the months to come: The launch date is June 5, 2017 so mark your calendar. I’m sure we’ll celebrate together in one way or another!

I’m grateful to have you on this ride with me. *smile* Hang on!!


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