Only 124 days until this book is launched into…well, I know it will be on Amazon, but I honestly have no idea where this journey leads. I’m excited for you to have it in your hands soon. Right now, I’m working on editing the entire manuscript in its designed format. If it comes to mind, I’d love your prayers as the details of these final stages come together.

If you’re in town on Monday evening, June 5 (2017), save the date! I’d love for you to come celebrate with me in person at the Tandem Living Book Launch Party. More details to come!!

Let the countdown continue…my video book trailer is coming soon.


4 thoughts on “124

  1. Hi – looking forward to the book. WHICH city will you have the June 5 event? Sandra Zabukovic Colorado Springs PRC’er

    • Hi Sandra! It’s incredible to hear from you!! The launch party will be in southern Indiana (close to Louisville, Kenutcky). If you’re on Facebook, there may be a way for you to watch it live from the comfort of your home. The next time I’m in Colorado Springs we’ll have to get together. Thanks for celebrating with me!

  2. What an exciting time! I’m so eager to have my own copy and read it in its entirety. Love you, Krishy.

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