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It’s been a joy to jump up and down with all of you in celebration of 70% monthly support. Thanks for joining in!

Wondering how God provides for missions in this economy (like He’s really worried)? Today I want to give you a glimpse into the life of one of my most recent monthly supporters, Joe and Amy. I’ve known them as a couple for only a few years, but Amy and I became friends in college. They’ve had a rough year, especially in this economy, but God put a twist on everything when He asked them to step out in faith and join my monthly support team.

I’m going to let Amy share her heart with you. Here’s what happened:

“God, what are you thinking?”
God truly tested my faith last week when He prompted Joe and I to give more to missions. He didn’t want us to give a one time gift, but to pledge monthly. At first, I didn’t understand, thinking, How do you want us to do this, Lord? We don’t have a steady income. We’re losing money every month, and now you want us to promise a monthly amount to give? I literally just slashed our expenses to the bare minimum only a couple of weeks before. Joe and I want to cut back, not add more bills.

The reason for all this financial chaos is that Memorial Day weekend 2008, my husband was shocked with the news that he had lost his high paying, managerial job. He was let go one day, without any warning, and our health benefits ended that same night. One minute, we were living comfortably, with an average of $95,000 a year. The next moment, my husband was stripped of his position, his paycheck, and his respect. The same company that had praised him two years ago was now walking him out of their doors.

feeling the economy crunch
Though we were discouraged, we knew that God had something better planned. A few months later, Joe was offered a dream job opportunity. He would begin an electrical division for a large corporation that specializes in lighting and staging for conventions. August was the tentative time in which he would begin. At this same time, we took a financial Bible study through our church, waiting in faith and trusting God that He would bring the job to fruition.

Some time passed, and we had heard no news about the new position. Then in September, Joe met with the director over the entire corporation, who was convinced that Joe was the right man to take upon the new venture. We praised God for continuing to open doors for us.

However, it became mid-October, and we were still waiting. That’s when the news became bleak. Wall Street had dropped record numbers, and the stockholders panicked and delayed the project for a minimum of three years. We were devastated and sickened that we had waited for nothing, it seemed.

a new direction
Weary from the incident, Joe decided to take a new leap of faith and head in a different direction. When he first told me that he wanted to go to the police academy, my heart sank at the thought. He would have to go to school for nine months, with little time to take on a full-time job. This decision really challenged our marriage. Then, God opened my eyes to the passion Joe had to become a policeman, and I became fully supportive. His classes started in January.

In the meantime, I’m working in a customer service position, but continue to search for something else, knowing that God must have more in store for me. Thankfully, Joe has also made some extra cash working part-time from home, answering electrical questions online.

Here we are trying to make ends meet when God spoke to my heart about missions. Still, I know that when God speaks to my heart, I am foolish not to listen. So, I spoke with my husband, and we decided we needed to take a huge leap of faith and pledge what God had asked us to give.

I have never been good at math. However, I do comprehend basic addition and subtraction. That’s why I’m puzzled that when I give, not having the resources, it adds to the merit of my service. God sees my giving to Him as an act of worship. I am being obedient to what he has told me to do, and I have to believe that He will provide for my needs. Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

It would be much easier for us to wait to see how much money we have left over at the end of the month and then contribute to missions. However, that isn’t leaping out in faith. Pledging to God a portion of our money, before we know what our monthly balance will be, is a true testimony of our faith in Him. We have to believe that we will be able to make ends meet, because He is our Provider.

a special twist
Unexpectedly, the morning after we had pledged the money, Joe received a phone call from an electrical contractor, for a possible job opportunity. If this connection is established, Joe will receive $1000+ a month, for qualifying the company under his license. This would allow him to also pursue other opportunities. We know this is God at work here. Even if this does not happen, we know He has something else in store for us. He is Jehovah-Jireh, our Provider, showing us that He is at work in our situation. Now, we just have to keep following Him.

what a faithful God we serveThank you for sharing Amy! Many of you may have similar stories of rough roads and God’s provision. I’d love to hear them, so send them my way. Joe and Amy’s story reminds me to keep believing God because our faith is credited to our account as righteousness. And that’s an income we never have to file to the IRS.

Have a great week!

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