moving in the right direction

Hello dear friends! I wanted to take a few moments to catch you up on what is happening in this tandem-living adventure.

we’ve moved!!

f3f69-img_7293The Tandem Living blog has relocated to a new site. You may not even realize it if you receive these posts in your email. However, here’s the info in case you decide you’d like to stop by online:

There is also a place to sign up for email updates in the top, right-hand column of the site, so pass on this info to family and friends who may be interested.

praise HIM for a clear scan

11067507_10155316262595721_8494884676383537080_nIn March, I found out I had a clear scan! Praise God for this blessing! During the course of 2014, I had suspicious spots repeatedly show up, resolve and disappear. In the report for the most recent scan I had, it stated these spots had disappeared with treatment. The funny thing is I never had treatment. This shows that my new cells are working. They recognize suspicious cells and get rid of them! Praise God!!

what now? 

I’ve been on the job hunt for eight months and have had a handful of interviews. However, the jobs I interviewed for never led to a position. I’ve frequently asked God, “Why?” and

IMG_2253“What now?!” I really don’t have any answers about the job situation, but one thing I do know is I need to write my story, hopefully to be published someday. As I’ve recently prayed and processed with godly women, this writing project is what I come back to. I’ve decided to use this month (May) and take at least a four-week break from the job hunt and work on a book proposal. I’ve started mapping out various chapters, themes and stories specifically from my journey the last nine years. My goal is to finish the book proposal in June and see what happens from there.

I have no idea where God will take these tandem living stories, but if they help and encourage one person then it’s worth it!

Would you join me in praying about this new adventure? Is there a story you remember from my journey that you’d like to see published in a book? Stay tuned . . .

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